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The Faculty of Law and Administration

Scientific Student Sessions


The following scientific students sessions are scheduled within The Faculty of Law and Administration in the academic year 2012-2013,



Name of Session

Teaching Staff – Members of the Scientific Sessions




Constitutional Law and General Theory of Law

  1. Professor PhD. Corina Adriana DUMITRESCU
  2. Professor PhD. Cristian IONESCU
  3. Lecturer PhD. Camil TĂNĂSESCU - secretar
  4. Lecturer PhD. Anca PĂIUŞESCU
  5. Lecturer PhD. Dragoş RĂDULESCU
  1. Formation of the Law. The main moments of its evolution
  2. The Correlation between the Law and the State in Modern Times
  3. The Characteristics of Romanian State. Attempts to Breach the characteristics of the Romanian State
  4. Citizenship.
  5. The Role and Responsibilities of the Parliament
  6. The Principles of the Rule of Law
  7. The Relationship between Law and Morality



Private Law

  2. Professor PhD. PETRICĂ TRUȘCĂ
  3. Associate Professor PhD. CRISTIAN JORA
  4. Lecturer PhD. BOGDAN PĂTRAŞCU


  1.  Associate Professor PhD. LAURA MACAROVSCHI
  2. Lecturer PhD.SILVIA ZAHARIA
  3. Lecturer PhD. FLORICĂ CIUTACU
  4. Lecturer PhD. IONUȚ CIUTACU – secretar
  5. Lecturer PhD. ANDRADA TRUȘCĂ - secretar


  1. The Legal Regime of Trains Circulation According to the Regulations of the Civil Code, Law no. 312/2005 and of Forestry Code.
  2. Fiduciary, according to the New Civil Code
  3. The Institution of Possession in the Light of the New Civil Code Regulations
  4. Inheritance Rights of the Surviving Spouse in Accordance with the Rules of the New Civil Code


5.The Matrimonial Property Regime in Accordance with the Provisions of the New Civil Code

  1. The accession, way to acquire the Right of Property, in Accordance with the Rules of The New Civil Code
  1. Novelties on the Conditions to inherit in the View of The Current Civil Code
  1. Definition of Legal Characteristics and Contents of the Will in the View of  The New Civil Code
  2. Discussions Regarding the Relationship between the Power of Attorney and the Contract of Mandate, in Accordance with the Provisions of the New Civil Code 



Criminal Sciences

  1. PhD. Associate Prof. Ioan MOLNAR
  2. Ph.D.Lecturer Ion BĂCAN
  3. Ph.D.Lecturer Marius RADU
  4. Ph.D.Lecturer Andreea UZLĂU
  5. Ph.D.Lecturer Victoria CRISTIEAN – Secretary


  1. Relocation of Criminal Cases –B Series
    1. Elements of Comparative Law Evidence – B Series 
  1. Fair and Reasonable Settlements of Criminal Causes -  A Series
  1. Representation in the Criminal Trial  -A Series




Forensics, Psycho-Criminology

  1. Ph.D.Lecturer Alina BICA
  2. Ph.D.Lecturer Camil TĂNĂSESCU






Ph.D.Lecturer Buzatu Nicoleta

1. Technical and Tactical Procedures of Homicide.
2. Specific Elements of Infanticide Investigation
3. Aspects of Forensics and Forensic Investigation in Road Traffic Accidents
4. Graphics Expertise as evidence.
5. Graphology
6. Investigation of Crime Scene in Burglaries
7. Research Methodology of Narcotic Offences

8. Investigation Techniques in Cybercrime.

Debated topics:
2. Double Assassination in Otopeni
3. Double Assassination at ”LE PETIT BIJOU”
4. The corpse of the dumped fountain



Administrative Law

  1. Ph.D.Associate Prof. Benonica VASILESCU
  2. Ph.D.Associate Prof. Mădălina TOMESCU
  3. Ph.D.Lecturer Agata POPESCU – Secretary
  4. Ph.D.Associate Prof. Benonica Ancuța Geanina OPRE


  1. The Concept of Public Administration and Administrative Law
  2. The Principles of Public Administration
  3. The raports of Administrative Law (definition, structure, rules)
  4. The Sources of Administrative Law
  5. The Characteristica of Administrative Law
  6. Legal Force of Administrative Acts
  7. Validity Conditions Related to Issuing Administrative Provisions
  8.  The Procedure of Issuing Administrative Acts (Approvals)
  9. Administrative Acts Enforcements
  10. Enforcement of Administrative Acts and Legal Effects of their Termination
  11. Suspension of Administrative Acts Enforcement
  12. Cancellation of Administrative Acts
  13. The Administrative Contract
  14. The Administrative Decision (definition, involved parties, drafting, enforcement)
  15.  Administrative Liability
  16. Administrative Sanction
  17. The Enforcement- Form of Administrative Legal Restraint
  18. The Legal Regime of Torts
  19. Torts and Criminal Offences
  20. Torts and Disciplinary Misconduct
  21. The Causes that Removes Liability Offence
  22. Torts Sanctions
  23. The Settlement and Establishment of Misdemeanors
  24. Public Sector ( definition, characteristics )
  25. Legal Regime of Public Sector
  26. Legal Regime of Public Property
  27. The Legal Regime of Public Land
  28. The Expropriation of Public Utility Cause
  29. Licensing the Public Domain
  30. Renting the Public Domain
  31. The Legal Regime of Romania State Border
  32. The Legal Regime of Public Water Domain
  33. The Legal Regime of Public Space Domain
  34. The Cultural Public Sector
  35. The Legal Status of National Cultural Heritage
  36. Restitution of Cultural Assets that had left illegally  a Member State of the European Union







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