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Faculty of Legal and Administrative Sciences
Accredited Faculty


Business Law


Master Program: Business Law (Accredited ARACIS 2010)
Director of program: PhD professor Dan Drosu Saguna
Program established in 2005
Education form: DAY
Duration of study: 3 semesters



     The master program deals with a practical approach of core subjects to fully maximize the outcome of teaching activity for a better comprehension of the main legal issues . The course focuses on those subjects which either haven’t been addressed in the first cycle or contain legal institutions that require deepening, especially from the perspective of an expert practitioner of law.

The curriculum has been developed after consulting several specialists, theoreticians and practitioners, as well as extended Romanian and foreign bibliographies. It addresses a set of disciplines that cover the relevant legal institutions in the field of business law.

Through its contents "Business Law" Master Program applies to all categories of lawyers, targeting both young graduates and lawyers with long experience.

The academic program focuses on disciplines hard accessible to BA graduates due to the degree of specialization and in-depth approach – thus, aiming to create a new generation of lawyers who can act in a society in a continuous transformation.


Director Program Master,
Prof. univ. dr. Dan Drosu Saguna


Business Law

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