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Bachelor Degree Programme

Law Bachelor Degree Programme aims to develop the following professional and cross-curriculum competencies:

Professional competencies:
C1. To properly use the concepts, theories, paradigms and methodologies in the field of legal studies;
C2. To apply the techniques and instruments specific to legal field;
C3. To apply the Romanian and European laws and legislation and other international legal instruments;
C4. To interpret, correlate and compare the legal institutions of national , European and international law;
C5. To apply the necessary knowledge ta collection and information regarding a specific legal issue;
C6. Utilizarea legislatiei în vigoare în analiza situatiilor juridice, în încadrarea lor corecta din punct de vedere juridic si în solutionarea lor To apply the actual legislation in analysing legal issues and in correctly

Cross-curricular competencies:
CT1. To rigorously, effectively and responsibly fulfill the professional duties, while following the professional and ethical principles
CT2. To apply the networking group techniques, to learn and exercise teamroles in order to develop interpersonal communication skills following the hierarchical structure;
CT3. To effectively use the communication resources and sources of information and training, both in Romanian and in an international language;

Law Bachelor Degree Programme provides to future graduates the specific competencies in accordance with the Romanian and European requirements of the labour market and the classification of occupations in Romania (COR)
Possible occupations according to COR:
Judiciar administrator – 241219; Company administrator - 242111; Lawyer - 261101, Researcher in the legal field - 261915, Councilor on European Affairs - 242214; Authorized industrial property advisor - 261918; Legal consultant and councillor - 111203; Enforcement Law Officer - 261901; Expert in accessing structural and cohesion European funds- 242213; Expert in public acquisitions – 214946; Legal expert in commercial and industrial field - 242219; Legal expert- 261903; Probation Inspector - 261922; Judge – 261202, Jurisconsult 261102; Liquidator – 241218; Prosecutor - 261201, Notary – 261906, etc.

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