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Bachelor Degree Programme


Public Administration Bachelor Degree Programme aims to develop the following professional and cross-curriculum competencies:

Professional competencies:

C1. To use the concepts and the fundamental principles of the organization and operation of administrative structures in order to insert professionally in public /private institutions
C2. To identify and apply the legal rules of the administrative system, including the initiation and formulation of normative/admnistrative acts
C3. To communicate orally and in writing in a foreign language structured messages on field related issues
C4. To apply the strategic instruments for institutional development
C5. The management of field related activities following the professional ethics
C6. To identify, analyse and solve the problems in public administration, flexibly and efficiently

Cross-curriculum competencies:

CT1. To rigorously, effectively and responsibly fulfill the professional duties, while following the professional and ethical principles;
CT2: To apply the networking group techniques, to learn and exercise teamroles in order to develop interpersonal communication skills;
CT3. To self-assess the training needs and identify the resources and means for training and for personal and professional development to insert in the labour market and adapt to labour market requirements;

The curriculun of Public Administration Bachelor Degree Programme provides to future graduates the specific competencies in accordance with the Romanian and European requirements of the labour market and the classification of occupations in Romania (COR).

Possible occupations according to COR:

Public Administrator - 242208; Development Agent - 242207; Public administration advisor - 242201; Legislative harmonisation counciler - 261910; Consultant in Public Administration - 242205; Expert in Public Administration - 242202; Expert in legislative harmonisation 261911; Inspector de specialitate în administratia publica - 242203; Project Manager - 242101; Official expert in Public Administration - 242204; Regulator – 242206.


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