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The major targets of the institute are the strengthening and the development of the competitive domestic and international scientific research as well as the growth of visibility at the level of its publications in prestigious magazines and volumes, in the spirit of a complex approach of the knowledge process, through three main poles: research, development, innovation.

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   The involvement of the scientific research in the academic level education is a must, a complex, expensive process following the new regulations of the new Law of Education. This permanent activity involves a strong connection with the economic and social development of society , the contact with the political trends, with the real conditions of food, energy, water and services resources, these and many others as steps to modernization premises.

On the other side, the renewing factor and the innovation concerns are compulsory criteria, while the human resources must be included in training and perfecting programs.
The “Dimitrie Cantemir” Christian University”, as well as other high educational  institutes in Romania, has met the requirements of Law of Education no.84/1995, republished and further amended, of Law no. 128/1997 with regard to the status of the teaching staff, with its further amendments, of Law no. 319/2003 with regard to research and development workers staff, and of Government Ordinance no.38/2004 which modified the government Ordinance no. 57/2002 with regard to the scientific research and technological development, approved in Law 230/2004.

   In its evolution since 1991 to date, our University has passed through essentially important stages in terms of scientific research works and of certification and recognition as a research unit for the institutionalization of its research activity.
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