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DIMITRIE CANTEMIR Christian University


   1. Teacher-Student Partnership
“Dimitrie Cantemir” Christian University committed to a partnership between its teaching staff and students, to provide student-centred education. This partnership is based on a very good cooperation between teaching staff and students, where direct communication has a strong influence on student performance in the learning process.
The U.C.D.C. management fosters student involvement in academic life and seeks to provide a high educational experience.

U.C.D.C. students are partners to dialogue and are represented in the University Senate, teachers’ councils, or specialised Senate commissions; these representatives promote their opinions and requirements related to the educational process and to the student life.
Using the experience of other universities within the European Higher Education Area, students participate in the annual assessment of teaching staff, are asked for their opinions on the education plans and secretariat activity, and their viewpoints are considered in the decision-making process.
In the student-centred approach used by U.C.D.C., the student, the future professional, is no longer a passive subject of the education and training process but a partner of the teaching staff in building knowledge, an active partner in the learning activities, in the assessment and in shaping their own academic pathway.

2. Academic and extra-academic student pursuits
Student pursuits have always been quite varied: the professional pursuits (education and research) combine with those related to national and international university networking, as well as with cultural, artistic or sports pursuits. U.C.D.C. management encourages active participation of students in identifying and solving issues related to the academic community and provides institutional support for national and international student mobilities.
Currently, U.C.D.C. has students from all counties of Romania, as well as international students (Republic of Moldova, Italy, Greece, Turkey, Albania, Ukraine, Austria, Serbia, Syria, Slovenia, and Iraq).

Extracurricular activities include: business fundamentals, thematic competitions, and clubs. U.C.D.C. students are beneficiaries of the sports club and undertake cultural activities under the aegis of “Dimitrie Cantemir” Student Club.
Students are also active participants in the Programme for promoting the university image through student performance which reflects the quality of the educational process within U.C.D.C., as well as in the active promotion of university image among pre-university students and other stakeholders (employers, investors, NGOs etc.)

3. Student social and professional integration
Provision of a well organised and stimulating environment to foster high quality student activities is a constant concern of U.C.D.C. management and teaching staff.
Successful employment of young U.C.D.C. graduates in the labour market is also facilitated by the organisation of internships, when students become familiar with various institutions, organisations, employers, banks etc. The numerous meetings with representatives of companies and institutions in various fields, as well as experience exchanges with volunteers from recruitment centres are an important contribution to student employability.

The quality of education and training provided to our students, then our graduates is confirmed even during studies, as some of them find employment with various public and private institutions/companies and many of them become managers later on.


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