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DIMITRIE CANTEMIR Christian University


     As a private higher education institution “Dimitrie Cantemir” Christian University was designed and structured to meet urgent requirements of political, economic and social significance in the field of human resources development, by training professionals for the public and private sectors whose professional expertise should ensure, according to European standards, the capacity to assume management and leadership responsibilities in the process of reforms and modernisation Romania is undertaking.
     The mission of “Dimitrie Cantemir” Christian University is to train, specialise and improve higher education professionals, by means of a learning process designed to foster thinking and creativity and to provide graduates real opportunities in the competition in the free labour market.
The mission of “Dimitrie Cantemir” Christian University is achieved through the following objectives:
a) To pursue continuing modernisation of the education processes by improvement of teaching methodology, education plans and syllabi, closely linked to the society developments and requirements;
b) To implement strategic university management and an efficient planning process;
c) To assume the quality principle in all activities undertaken within the University;
d) To develop scientific research and to foster active involvement of all teaching staff and partnerships with Romanian and foreign universities.

     When determining the profiles of faculties within the university, the following considerations were taken into account:

  • Completing the state higher education network with complementary or alternative fields or in fields where there is a need of trained professionals: Economy of Commerce, Tourism and Services, Finance and Banking, International Economic Relations, Accounting and Management Information Systems, History, Law, Political Sciences, Geography of Tourism, Foreign Languages and Literatures. The faculties were set up in the big university centres, which enjoy a prestigious didactic and scientific potential: Bucharest, Braşov, Cluj-Napoca, Constanţa, Sibiu, and Timişoara;
  • Distribution by geographic areas: Bucharest Municipality – the strongest educational, artistic and cultural centre of Romania, Transilvania, Banat, Dobrogea – with high economic, tourist and commercial potential;
  • Moderate and incentive tuition fees. the tuition fees of the university are among the lowest in the private higher education;
  • The university makes available for students various facilities for teaching activities, laboratories endowed according to the highest standards, library, reading room, simulation courtroom for practical training of law students, sports club, chapel, and canteen-restaurant.

     “Dimitrie Cantemir” Christian University intends to be viewed as one of the strongest higher education and research centres in Romania and appraised for the manner it responds creatively to the significant changes faced by our society, by combining harmoniously and innovatively the important Romanian academic and university values and traditions.
     In order to pursue its goal of excellence in the field of education and research and to ensure an active presence within the community, “Dimitrie Cantemir” Christian University focuses all efforts on: innovation and quality, both in the educational and research activities so that to become an active presence in the national and international academic world, with an emphasis on the active involvement in the community development.
     The strategic objective of the university is to become a strong education and scientific research institution, providing training for professionals in order to cater for the need of specialists in all important fields for the development of Romanian society.
     The functioning principles of the university are: full university autonomy, compliance with the Romanian legislation, including the ordinances and instructions issued by the Ministry of Education and ARACIS, ban on any discrimination on the grounds of nationality, race, gender, religion, political and other beliefs, against any person in the admission to the university courses, in filling a teaching, research or management position or in benefitting of any benefits provided by the university, avoidance of political commitment or subordination to political structures.
     Among the main priorities of “Dimitrie Cantemir” Christian University we mention: client-orientation of the university and its faculties; concern in all activities for compliance with legal provisions and regulations in the fields of quality assurance and university education; alignment with the standards and best practices of academic activity within the Member States of the European Union; continuing improvement of performance, efficiency and effectiveness of the quality management system; involvement of the entire teaching staff to achieve the quality policy and objectives.


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