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Professor Corina Adriana DUMITRESCU, PhD – President of the Senate “Dimitrie Cantemir“ Christian University, Bucharest, Romania


    The acquring of information has become imperative for people worldwide ever since primary school, imposing the fast adjustment of education systems in order to ensure the high quality information characteristic of the present development stage of our society. The education issues have never been so easy to solve and, in the digital era, where everything develops fast, the education systems must take these particuliarities into account. The modern means to access information ensure the global support for research and knowledge enrichment, regardless of the activity field.
When reffering to the present issues of education systems, emphasing the higher education, everybody should take into account the Bologna Declaration requirements, which aim to achieve a better cooperation among all European states on the issue of education policies. The principles of the Bologna Process focus on: the students and teachers' mobility in Europe, ensurance of university autonomy, students' active participation in governing the education process, public responsibility of the quality of higher education, and expertsí training in different fields, according to the current development stage. Therefore, the authority of each signing country may apply its own policies in the educational system. Nevertheless, these policies must comply with the Common European requirements.
On the European level increasing the education systems quality represents a decisive factor for the students and teaching staff's mobility, as well as for the certification and equivalence of exams and professional degrees. In the current stage of the society development, marked by transition to the digital era, it is highly important to ensure the quality of higher education. On this account, the managerial performance can have a positive influence on the good quality of public or private higher education, or on the contrary, could have a negative influence, which might downgrade the educational institution.
"Dimitrie Cantemir" Christian University has become competitive due to the ability to meet all social-economic needs, together with the education and consultancy market.
At present, we can speak about a full-fledged education system with 8 faculties, 24 undergraduate programmes and 22 master programmes in our university centres in Bucharest, Cluj Napoca and Timisoara, with fully-equipped university facilities, for an outstanding modern education.
In the university's 31 years of existence, about 85,000 students have graduated from the "Dimitrie Cantemir" Christian University.
There are several elements that can highlight this statement. I would like to start with the fact that we have hundreds of graduates who work in prestigious institutions and companies in the USA, Canada, Switzerland, Germany, Holland, China, Hungary, Bulgaria and so on. On the other hand, our students and teachers take part in the "ERASMUS" mobility programme, in universities from Italy, Lithuania, Belgium, and Germany.
"Dimitrie Cantemir" Christian University is the founder of the master studies oriented Euro - Mediteranean University (EMUNI), based in Portoroz, Slovenia, which was created exclusively of European Union funds, it is also a founding member of EURAS (based in Istanbul), an organization which currently groups 89 universities from Europe and Asia.
It is also worth mentioning the affiliation to EUA, the most powerful Association of European Universities, as well as the bilateral relations with tens of universities from abroad, among which the "Robert Schumann" University of Strasbourg is at the forefront.
The education offer comprises undergraduate studies, in full mode and low attendance mode, as well as master studies.
We address to high school graduates of the present year, and equally to all high school graduates of previous years, in order to attend a faculty or a second faculty studies, having in view the fact that only 17.6% of the adult population has got postgraduate qualifications.
The President, Professor Momcilo Luburici PhD., and me, as founding members of "Dimitrie Cantemir" Christian University, have planned, from the very start, to establish a university governed by free spirit and respect, and then, to endow this university with all the necessary equipment and logistics that we never benefited from. I can state that we have succeeded in achieving this goal.
"The great Cantemir family", of about 85,000 graduates, students, master students, teachers, including their beloved ones - up to one million members- consists of intelligent people who greatly respect the creative values, that will help resetting the scale of values in society, we have promoted along the years.

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