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„Dimitrie Cantemir” Christian University


There are two book-shops operating on UCDC premises which are supporting students by facilitating their access to information and improving the quality of education and training.

1. The Bucharest Book-shop Company („CLB”) branch operates at the ground floor of the University, in room no.12. It makes available to students and university teaching staff a large number of university courses, worldwide books of literature, stationery supplies, etc.

2. The U.C.D.C. Bookshop operates also at the ground floor of the University, in room no. 23 and makes available to students a range of courses published by the university teaching staff, for all fields related to the study programmes taught. The book supply is regularly updated, by taking into consideration demands expressed from students and teaching staff.

The „C.L.B.” and UCDC bookshops have become well-known for the quality of materials and services provided to students and the teaching staff over the last years.



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