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Institutional Presentation
The Teachers Training Department (D.P.P.D.) of “Dimitrie Cantemir” Christian University was set up by Order of the Minister of Education no 3995/14.06.2004 (according to Notification no 27805/15.06.2004, issued by the Directorate for Continuing Education and Teacher Training of the Ministry of Education and Research, approving the setting-up of D.P.P.D. by U.C.D.C., starting with the academic year 2004).

This Department is an institutional structure providing courses, consultancy and expertise in the field of initial and continuing training of higher education students and graduates who intend to pursue a teaching career.

THE TRAINING PROGRAMMES are designed and implemented pursuant to two fundamental principles: the trainees’ needs and the developments of the Romanian education which requires training of teachers with a new vision, able to adapt to the European quality and performance standards.
The expertise and experience of the members of D.P.P.D. Council make the Department an active partner for all faculties within the University, as well as for similar Departments of other higher education institutions and for decision-makers on institutional development policies in Romania.

The mission of the D.P.P.D. within UCDC is to conceive, design and undertake activities which guide young people towards the teaching career, providing them high quality psycho-pedagogical study programmes both for undergraduates and for postgraduates, for both levels of certification in the teaching profession (according to O.M. no 4316/3.06.2008).
Therefore, at the core of the mission of D.P.P.D. within U.C.D.C. is the concern for stimulating and training young people to acquire the competences defined for the occupational profile of a teacher, focusing on reflective thinking, continuing professional development, autonomy, responsibility, creativity and expression of own opinions.
The guiding values underpinning the activities of D.P.P.D. within U.C.D.C. are: competence, fairness, competitiveness.

The objectives of the Department are:
- To provide psycho-pedagogical training to UCDC students who intend to pursue a teaching career;
- To develop a fostering environment for training, by developing flexible courses and seminars, based on modern methods and instruments;
- To provide, starting with the 2010/2011 academic year, postgraduate improvement courses for both levels of certification in the teaching profession, by means of 1-semester joint programmes; they will be finalised with a graduation exam consisting of the development and presentation of a teaching portfolio;
- To develop excellence fundamental research in the field of teacher training and other related fields; to edit a Journal with a psycho-pedagogical and methodological focus, aiming at fostering teaching staff creativity in the field of lifelong learning.
- To initiate and develop a psycho-pedagogical and career guidance programme.

D.P.P.D. - U.C.D.C. has the following main duties:
a)To design, organise and coordinate the initial training for a teaching career, in terms of theory, methodology and practice;
b) To promote theoretical and applicative pedagogical research based on own projects or in cooperation with other institutional partners;
c) To develop courses, synthesis, support materials, methodological guides, pedagogical projects, study programmes for the initial and continuing training of teachers;
d) To develop an methodological and psycho-pedagogical counselling programme needed both by teachers for improving their teaching activities and by future teachers, to support their career choice .

The FIELDS OF EXPERTISE of D.P.P.D. within U.C.D.C. are: curriculum, learning, training methodology, assessment, modern communication techniques, intercultural education, educational policies, and specialised didactics.
Tuition fees  for the psycho-pedagogical training programmes provided by the Teacher Training Department in the academic year 2012/2013 download

Centre for Information and Counselling for the Teaching Career:
The Centre provides UCDC students, teachers and other beneficiaries the following services:
1.Psycho-pedagogical and vocational counselling;
2. Psycho-pedagogical information on:
- Legislation and education policy documents;
- Methodologies in force on filling teaching positions, acquiring tenured status and other teaching titles;
- Continuing training and re-training programmes for pre-university teachers;
- Professional standards for various teaching or management, guidance and control positions in pre-university education;
- Review, authorisation and accreditation procedures for pre-university and higher education institutions;
- Organisation of education systems in the European Community;
- Recent publications.
3.Methodological consultancy on:
- Development of methodological and scientific papers for teaching titles; development of the methodological part of the Master’s thesis by students following Educational Management  and postgraduate courses administered by D.P.P.D. of U.C.D.C.
- Design of teaching activities and development of school-based curriculum by teachers from schools where UCDC students have their teaching practice.
- Other aspects of interest for students, mentors or pre-university teachers.

Educational Provision:

Starting with 25th of October 2011, DPPD of UCDC organises postgraduate courses under the psycho-pedagogical study programme Level II.

These courses target Bachelor graduates (3-year programmes), who finalised Level I and are enrolled in a Master’s programme.

Registration is made at the Faculty of Political Sciences, room 67, 1st floor, by Oct 15, 2011. Phone 021/3307900/142

Scientific Research and Professional Development
Art.32-(1) D.P.P.D. undertakes own scientific research activities and cooperates with the other research structures of U.C.D.C., of the Institute of Educational Sciences and of the relevant faculties of other higher education institutions. The scientific research targets:
a) Development of fundamental studies and research – initial and continuing teacher training, educational policies in the field of curriculum development, training strategies, assessment and valorisation of modern learning and communication technologies in the educational processes;
b) Development of draft curriculum documents, methodologies, specialised studies, course support and educational software to increase the efficiency of Romanian education in line with the current European and international trends;
c) Provision of studies and consultancy, based on concrete investigations and needs analyses, for MERY, for the management and administrative bodies of the local and regional educational structures (school inspectorates, school management, teacher training houses, psycho-pedagogical assistance centres etc.);
d) Provision of pedagogical and psychological consultancy and career counselling services for natural persons or for institutions and organisations.
(2) D.P.P.D. organises scientific events at local or national level and is involved in organising scientific events at national and international levels in partnership with other faculties within U.C.D.C., with other D.P.P.Ds, universities, county school inspectorates, teacher training houses or other pedagogical practice institutions.
(3) The research programmes of D.P.P.D. are implemented by means of projects obtained following competitions organised by the National Council for Scientific Research in Higher Education, according to research agreements concluded with the beneficiaries and to the research themes provided by the own scientific research plan and self-funded.
(4) The teaching staff of D.P.P.D. encourage involvement of students and pre-university teachers in applied scientific research, their participation in scientific debates and national or international events, in training sessions, summer schools and are concerned with the publication of research results.

DPPD edited the scientific research journal EUROMENTOR, focus on studies on education. The Journal was recognised and reviewed by CNCSIS on the 7th of June 2010 and included in class D from its very first issue (March 2010).

Director: Reader dr. Gabriela Pohoaţă
Email: dppd@ucdc.ro 
Phone 021 330 7900 / int. 163

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