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“Dimitrie Cantemir” Christian University is a higher education institution set up in 1990 as a private initiative, which gained its prestige due to the quality of education provided. This was confirmed by the authorisation of provisional functioning granted in compliance with GD no 568/1995, the first legal provision passed after the Revolution in 1989, which substantiates the recognition of the quality of private education in Romania.
“Dimitrie Cantemir” Christian University (UCDC), meets the requirements provided by the legislation in force and by the ARACIS standards on the organisation and administering of part-time Bachelor study programmes.
The delivery of the part-time mode within UCDC (PTL) was organized pursuant to Senate Decision no 617 of 24.06.2002, according to the provisions of the University Charter and of the legislation in force.
Part-time learning (PTL) within UCDC is an educational process which makes available learning resources for students which are characterized by:

  • Separation in time and/or space of students from the faculty providing PTL programmes, of students from the learning resources and teaching staff;
  • Student interaction, student-faculty interaction, student-learning resources interaction. All these are achieved by means of various bi-directional communication media.

Part-time learning within UCDC also involves the use of a wide range of learning technologies:

  • Printed learning materials;
  • Interactive audio and video techniques;
  • Multimedia;
  • Computer-aided learning or networked learning technologies etc.

This, by its very nature, part-time learning is a flexible type of education which allows students to choose the place and the time of learning. Part-time learning also allows students to study individually, at home or at the workplace, and to undertake group learning activities, in the DL/PTL Department of UCDC.



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