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IT Department

IT Department

        The activities undertaken by the Information Technology Department are aimed towards implementing educational, training and university management systems based on modern information technology, according to quality and competitiveness requirements, which are compatible with the current national and international educational systems.
        Another task for the Information Technology Department is represented by the development of distance-learning, advanced distributed learning and e-learning in the Dimitrie Cantemir Christian University and by the modernization of the teaching and student assessment technology by using IT products which are accepted and verified for compliance. Development of advanced distributed learning systems shall be delivered in compliance with international standards recognized in this field, like Sharable Content Object Reference Model and Learning Technology Systems Architecture, and also through the implementation of best national and international practice in this field.
        The teaching and scientific research staff of our Department participates in the development of teaching programmes and to scientific research projects at national and international level in the field of Information Technology and Computing; the Information Technology Department plays an important role in the development and modernization of IT services provided to faculties, departments, students and technical staff, and also in the development of university IT infrastructure.

IT Office:
        The role of the IT office is the ensure proper operation of IT equipment and services within the “Dimitrie Cantemir” Christian University, and also to find new solutions for “Dimitrie Cantemir” Christian University to be continuously aligned to the new technological developments and trends.

        The IT Office is part of the Technical-Administrative Staff Department of the “Dimitrie Cantemir” Christian University and it is subordinated directly to the UCDC President, according to the organizational chart of the university.

From among the tasks of the IT office, we mention the following:
- to manage and maintain the computer network (hardware and software maintenance), a network that includes over 300 work-stations, 40 laptops and 100 printers.
- to manage the IT system for registration of students, master students and other learners within UCDC, a system which is made up from client server-type applications which allow for the centralized data management for individual and financial information, as well.
- to manage over 30 web-sites,
- to provide technical support for UCDC employees, teaching staff and students
- to manage and provide technical support for the IT labs
- to manage procurement of IT solutions and parts
- to participate with IT technical solutions for the new projects developed/implemented within UCDC
- to manage the video-conferencing system and to provide technical support for the video-conferences organized with the UCDC university centers in the country.




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