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CEAC Presentation

      Quality, performance, competitiveness – these are the fundamental requirements of the medium and long term policy promoted by the university. In order to meet these requirements, there is a need for transition from accreditation standards to performance standards which provide the graduate with the necessary competences for a globalised environment, characterised by exigency and dynamism. Reaching the excellence standards is possible only when the entire university activity is performance-oriented, when there is a focus on the continuing improvement of provision and results, on a high quality management at all levels and on fostering responsible attitudes (of teaching staff, students and administrative personnel). University competitiveness is given by its capacity to adapt to the changing needs of the economy and society and of the competitive market of education and consultancy services. As a private higher education institution “Dimitrie Cantemir” Christian University was designed and structured to meet urgent requirements of political, economic and social significance in the field of human resources development, by training professionals for the public and private sectors whose professional expertise should ensure, according to European standards, the capacity to assume management and leadership responsibilities in the process of reforms and modernisation Romania is undertaking. In order to fulfil these roles according to the current demands of the society, “Dimitrie Cantemir” Christian University decided to develop an efficient quality assurance and evaluation system to ensure performance orientation and the increase of university prestige within the national and international academic communities, by setting-up the Commission for Quality Assurance and Evaluation at university level (CEAC). The quality management responsibility belongs to the Rector who delegates the operational management of quality assurance and evaluation activities to the Chair of CEAC.

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