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„Dimitrie Cantemir” Christian University


The University Chapel „St. Dimitrie the New” of the „Dimitrie Cantemir” Christian University represents the first Orthodox halidom inaugurated within a Romanian private university.

Its head-stone was placed by his Holy Priest Teodosie, Bishop-Curate of Bucharest Archbishopric in 2000 and, when the sculpture and painting works for the altar screen and lecterns were finished in 2005, it was inaugurated by the beloved Teoctist, the Patriarch of the Romanian Orthodox Church together with the Holy Priest Sebastian of Ilfov, Bishop-Curate of Bucharest Archbishopric on November 8.

The spiritual protectors of the university chapel are: Saint Dimitrie the New, the deliverer of miracles and protector of Bucharest citadel and Arch-angels Michael and Gabriel.

The founder of this sacred place is Professor Momcilo Luburici, PhD, the President of the „Dimitrie Cantemir” Christian University, who was honoured at the moment of inauguration, as a sign of respect for the love he displayed towards the Church with the „Patriarchal Cross” distinction.

The Chapel is placed at the first floor, near Training Hall B and the Forensics Lab and it is open during the week-days from 09 to 17 hrs, on Saturdays from 07 to 13 hrs. and from 17 to 19 hrs. and on Sundays from 07 to 13 hrs., with the reserve that this schedule may vary depending on the needs of religious services, which are displayed at the entrance of the chapel.

The University Chapel „St. Dimitrie the New” of the „Dimitrie Cantemir” Christian University represents for many of the University teachers, students and employees and also for the benevolent Christians who had visited it and manifested a spiritual attachment to this location, a place of true clerical usefulness, a source of joy and blessing received from the All-Mighty God.


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