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    The Library of “Dimitrie Cantemir” Christian University is a cultural-scientific institution, a private law entity without legal personality which operates as a unit of the University.
    The University management provides the necessary physical resources for the activities of the library, according to legal provisions in force.
    The University Library participates in the teaching, training and education processes, as well as in research activities, and the students, teaching staff and researchers of our university have priority to its services.
    The Library is subordinated to the University Management, and it is one of the most important departments within the functional structure of the University.
    The entire activity of the Library is a contribution to the teaching, cultural, educational, research and development processes, and the Library focuses the procurement of Romanian and foreign books, journals and other works necessary for the education and research processes to achieve this goal.
    The Library provides free access to its collections to the students, teaching staff and employees of the University.  
    The main mission of the Library is to support the teaching, learning, research and continuing development processes within the University.
    The University Library cooperates with other university libraries within the network of public and private higher education institutions in order to achieve its assumed mission effectively.
The Library maintains and develops cooperation relations with other types of libraries and relevant bodies and institutions in Romania and abroad.
    The Library cooperates with researchers and teachers outside the University, as well as with own teaching staff to ensure full achievement of its objectives on academic performance.
    As a structure of the University with an educational mission, the Library collects books, periodical publications and special collections, organises, processes, preserves and shares collections of books, specific documents and databases to facilitate their use by the students, teaching staff and researches of the University in the processes of information, research and education.
    These main tasks are supplemented by a series of specific activities such as:
a) Diversification of procurement by donations, inter-library exchanges, transfers, sponsorships;
b) Permanent cooperation with higher structures of the University to harmonise the information demand and supply;
c) Development of strategies correlated with those of faculties and departments, underpinning the annual activity plans and the collection completion plan;
d) Promotion of cultural and scientific values of the University (book presentations and reviews, scientific and cultural events);
e) Collection of statistical data on the user flow and development of collections and information demand;
f) Periodical inventories of collections, according to the legislation in force;
            g) Training of users to enable them to find printed and digital information;
h) Participation in specialised conferences and symposia;
i) Cooperation with other Romanian and foreign libraries.
            Library collection

    The Library of “Dimitrie Cantemir” Christian University comprises more than 51000 volumes, namely 15830 titles in Romanian and foreign languages, useful for the study of disciplines taught by the nine faculties and of the Master’s programmes. These titles cover various fields:

  • Economics (including management, finance, banking, accounting, international economic relations, marketing etc.: 9130 volumes (1940 titles);
  • Law: 10435 volumes (2335 titles);
  • Foreign Languages and Literatures (including Romanian language and literature): 10410 volumes (3840 titles);
  • History, Archaeology, Geography: 5134 volumes (2810 titles);
  • Political Sciences: 4350 volumes (1430 titles);
  • Philosophy, Psychology: 6350 volumes (715 titles);
  • Others: 5334 volumes (2760 titles).

    The book collections also include more than 250 titles of periodical publications (Romanian and foreign), from subscriptions and donations.
All titles are introduced in the Library database using software designed by the IT specialists of our University.
The publications are displayed by fields and arranged according to decimal classification.

Access to Library

    All users have access to the Library with their identity card and, the student card or the University employee card, as appropriate. These documents should be presented with every request for a publication for the reading room.
    The users fill in a reading request form indicating the name and the capacity of the user as well as the publication code, title and author. Four publications at the most may be received for study in the reading room (with every request).
    This reading request form can be filled in using any of the five computers available for the database.
The reading room includes 220 seats.
Publications may not be removed from the reading room and may only be borrowed based on a written request approved by the President of the University.


User Rights and Obligations

The users have the following rights:

  • To access the Library database using the dedicated computers;
  • To request any available publication from the Library collections;
  • To ask librarians information on the latest titles acquired or recommendations on publications from various fields;
  • To indicate any possible sign of wear and tear of publications;
  • To submit proposals on the improvement of book collections;
  • To use their personal laptops for drafting projects or other works;
  • To use copy machines, to the extent allowed by the copyright law.

The users have the following obligations:

  • To have a civilised behaviour with the Library staff;
  • To maintain silence in the reading room, including by turning off mobile phones
  • To handle the publications with care, without damaging them by highlighting paragraphs or tearing pages;
  • To use the computers in the reading room solely for accessing the Library database;
  • To keep the publications in the reading room, and retrieve a publication only with the approval of the librarian;
  • To declare any publication that does not belong to the Library to the librarian;
  • To abstain from bringing food products in the reading room.

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