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DIMITRIE CANTEMIR Christian University


• "Dimitrie Cantemir" Christian University is considered a model for the Romanian private higher education, both in terms of organization and physical resources and facilities; therefore, many Romanian and foreign political, social and cultural personalities honoured the university with their presence.

• The following pages illustrate some of the heartfelt notes of those who visited our university and wrote in the Book of Honour.

The President of Kazakhstan underlined the need for cooperation between universities of his country and the "Dimitrie Cantemir" Christian University.

(Nursultan Nazarbayev, President of the Republic of Kazakhstan, on the occasion of being awarded an Honorary Degree of Doctor of our University)

(ABDULLAH GUL, President of the Turkish Republic, signing in the Book of Honour, on the occasion of being awarded an Honorary Degree of Doctor)


(European Commissioner for Education, Training, Culture and Youth, Mr. JAN FIGEL signs the University Book of Honour, on the occasion of being awarded an Honorary Degree of Doctor)

(Professor FLORENCE BENOIT-ROHMER, President of the Robert Schuman University from Strasbourg, on the occasion of being awarded an Honorary Degree of Doctor of our University)


    I am extremely honoured by the invitation that you addressed to talk in front of the "Dimitrie Cantemir" Christian University students on the topic of European integration.

(Calin Popescu Tariceanu, Romanian Prime Minister)

    "The positive evolution of the modern higher education may set down the European benchmarks according to the standards reached here."

(Traian Basescu, President of Romania)

EMMA NICHOLSON, Doctor Honoris Causa of our University

    „„Thank you for the great honour I have been awarded. For me, you are an example of Christian values. Now it is the right time to look towards the European Union, with all its contradictions, with all the benefits of peace, freedom, tolerance and with the understanding that the Other might display to us. I applaud your work and I welcome you to our common future".

(Emma, Baroness Nicholson of Winterbourne, European Parliament member)

Blessed Father Teoctist,
Patriarch of Romania,
Doctor Honoris Causa of our University
    "With a great sense of love have I received the academic mantle offered to me by the Senate of this university. I ask God to bless the exemplary endeavour of the distinguished teaching staff and to straighten the steps of the youth on the pathway enlightened by Our Saviour Jesus Christ "

Professor Irnerio Seminatore, President of the European Institute for International Relations

     „„I was extremely impressed by the originality and modernity of your initiative, which is a pioneer in the fields of future, namely training and knowledge. Your achievement is even more remarkable as it is due also to the skills of a smart and effective team, with the proper spirits and will”.

    "I am surprised to find such a university – a private one – which meets the same high standards as the European and American ones. Your institution is an example for the entire university area”. That was the statement of Mr. ELIAS FOUTSIS, Rector of the New York University from Prague, at the end of his visit.

"Dimitrie Cantemir" Christian University twinned with Libera Universita Maria Assunta of Rome

     Professor Prosper Grech, Collegia Internazionale Agostiniano - Santa Monica thinks that our university is "a miracle”, achieved as all things that "God created out of nothing". ( The letter sent to the Rector of our university – attached herewith – is translated from the English language and represents an accurate translation of the original text)

Professor Anghel Stanciu, former President of the Committee for Science, Youth and Sports of the Chamber of Deputies and his counterpart from the Serbian Parliament, Professor Predrag Stoianovici, visiting our University

    "To my fellow professors, sincere congratulations for the team work that made possible such a temple of Romanian education and science "
(Anghel Stanciu)

 "It is a true miracle to see in Romania such a "fantastic" achievement for our past: a state-of-the art university, with technical resources, that can compete with any other similar place in the world ", was the opinion of director Sergiu Nicolaescu, an important guest of our university.

    ""The crown of this place of Romanian stability stems from the boldness of dreaming, from the sense of responsibility, from a clear vision, from the patriotism of investing in youth, and, above all, from the courage of freedom".

(His Royal Highness, Radu, Prince of Romania)

    "My first meeting with the Dimitrie Cantemir University – with the teachers and the students – was a real and great pleasure. I congratulate all for their achievements over such a short period of time, for the manner in which you manage to combine local traditions with the European dimension so much needed to all of us."

(Gyorgy Frunda, Vice-president of UDMR)

Teodor Melescanu, former vice-president of PNL, another politician who answered to the invitation launched by our specialized Faculty

     "As a sign of appreciation for our teachers who succeeded in providing substance to an important idea for any open society – the idea of private education ".

(Teodor Melescanu, senator, Minister of Foreign Affairs)


"I have nothing but feelings of admiration towards the beautiful "Dimitrie Cantemir" Christian University, for its exceptional headquarters and also for the quality of its students! I wish them all a well deserved success!" wrote Dan Berindei, member of the Romanian Academy, in our Book of Honour, after visiting our university.


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